Swarm of Bee`s

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Swarm of Bee`s

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Hi all, stepped out of my backdoor the other day to be confronted with a swarm of Bees :shock:
Basically a colony of bees had decided to set up home on a little tree " what was the Queen Bee thinking of :lol: "
Anyway there were thousands of them accumulating on a small branch.
I decided to ring the Council as first thoughts were this could be dangerous to passers by etc.
They put me onto some guy who deals with bees and he explained it was highly likely they would move on throughout the day, which was correct to some extent as most of the bee colony did leave but a small number stayed are still there now, just a few hundred bees. From reading up on the net it appears if the colony gets to big they will produce another Queen and the Colony splits which this appears what has happened. Hopefully at some point the rest of the remaining colony with see sense and move to a more secure place
anyway I`ll keep you posted! :lol:

PS. I posted a little video on Youtube here... Swarm of Bees

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