Unfortunately Cant run for a while sob sob

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Unfortunately Cant run for a while sob sob

Post by mrix » Sun Dec 16, 2007 1:09 pm

Hello all, my running has come to a standstill for a few months due to an unexpected ruptured Spleen :cry: Basically there I was at home going about the usual when I had a pain down my left side stomache, I shouted to my wife that I didnt feel right and the next thing I know I was staring up at Ambulance men :?
They rushed me to hospital where the doctors explained I may have a ruptured bowel but talking to the surgeon after she explained that the operation took 4 hours as they couldnt find the bleed and a total of 1 and a half LT`s of blood had drained into my body cavity :shock:
finally the bleed was found and it was coming from my spleen which they have now removed :cry:
I stayed in hospital a total of 14 days and I am finally out and on the mend :D
Have to be on Penicillion the rest of my life unfortunately :cry:
At least um still here :D
Cheers all

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