McGuires Fish And Chips

Please post your views on Restaurants within christchurch here.
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McGuires Fish And Chips

Post by Chris »

Quite often we pop down to Christchurch for a day out. Maybe Market Day or at the weekends. This day out will usually include lunch, but of all the wonderful offerings of Restaurants etc within Christchurch we always make a bee line for McGuires. I can remember coming down to see my parents and taking them out for day, and my father always preferred going to McGuires. Now Elaine and I do the same.

Excellent fish, excellent food, and a wonderul service, all at a very reasonable price. By the way, you get lots of it as well. Next time your in town, take a seat at McGuires and enjoy.

Regards. Chris
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Post by jimpelican »

I couldnt agree more with your piece about Mcguires, I also head there when I'm in town.
Mcguires is a classic example of a good business done right.

I was a bit put off by a girl serving there a while back with long blonde hair down her back. Everytime I walked past she would be constantly playing with her hair whilst waiting for customers, pulling it, twisting it, running her hands constantly through it.

She's long gone now and I'm glad, I stopped buying there for a while, the possibility of finding a hair in my food was really offputting.

But I'm back now as a loyal customer, the food is lovely, the place is spotless and the staff are friendly.

Mcguires sets the standard in my opinion of how a good fish and chip shop should be.
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