Gary Rhodes Leaving the Kings Hotel

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Gary Rhodes Leaving the Kings Hotel

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Such a shame to see Gary Rhodes parting company with the Kings Hotel. Having Kings Rhodes was good for the town.

Gary Rhodes has a 'clean cut' image and has never been known for many of the vices associated with some celebrities. As far as I know he's known mainly for his culinary exploits. His association with the town is positive.

I suppose when he made his committment to the Kings the economic times were better and by the time it was opened the recession had took hold.

I would have hoped he would have rode the storm and waited for the good times to return but thats a big ask.

I hope the restaurant does well anyway. During the times I went the staff are friendly, the food was great and the restaurant was spotless and tasteful. (You have to remember what the hotel was like before and how far it has come in the last ten years or so)

If I owned the Kings I would offer the lease on favourable terms to Lesley Waters?..............
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