Civil Enforcement Officers on the beat!

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Civil Enforcement Officers on the beat!

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Now that the Council`s parking Attendants have become Civil Enforcement Officers they are doing so much more that dealing with parking offences. Since the officers begane to enforce littering and dog fouling in April 2008 they have dealt with a wide range of enviromental crimes helping to ensure Christchurch remains a pleasant place to live.

CEOs have also been proactive with dog walkers by spending time in popular spots handing out dog poo bags and warning people that if they dont clear up after their dogs they may recieve a £80 fine.

Other examples of good work include: working with local businesses to ensure their staff dispose of their cigerette butts appropriately after breaks: arranging for abandoned bikes and fly tipping to be picked up immediately; warning people about dropping litter and reporting areas containing a high volume of litter.

Civil Enforcement Officers are out patrolling seven days a week.
They are here to help you, so if you have any issues or concerns that the Council can help with please let them know.
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