Crabbing at Mudeford Quay Endangered !

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Crabbing at Mudeford Quay Endangered !

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A very popluar activity at Mudeford Quay is Crabbing :) but this could be stopped because the Council has had reports that commercial teams from outside the area are coming down to the Quay to take large numbers of crabs, allegedly for their restaurant trade while posing as everyday tourists with crablines.

Gary Foyle, Beaches & Open Spaces Officer at the Council, said " Not only are these people acting without a licence, but they are also affecting the stocks of crabs in the area. Crabbing has traditionally been a popular activity for children at Mudeford Quay over the summer. It would be a shame if this activity could not be sustained but, more importantly, it would be an ecological disaster if the crabs disappeared due to greed on the part of these illegal crabbers.

"As we need to catch them in the act, we are asking people who go to Mudeford quay to let the council know immediately if they see anything suspicious, particularly people pretending to be tourists but then putting large numbers of crabs into the backs of vehicles. Normally crabbers would just catch one or two and throw them back."

Anyone spotting illegal crabbing activities can contact Gary Foyle at Christchurch Council on 01202 495070
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