wheelie bins

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wheelie bins

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Does anybody know if Christchurch will ever get wheelie bins for our rubbish, it would be a great inprovement on the black bags that get attacked by animals at night.
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Very good point we tend to get the Cats foxes and whatever attacking them also :?
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Why not contact councils who use wheely bins and see what made them opt for them?
I feel they are cleaner and far safer for the public and refuse collectors.
Find the facts then approach the council
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How come it is taking so long for Christchurch Council to make a decision to use Wheelie Bins, when the two conurbations next door, Bournemouth and Poole have been using them for a good number of years. I moved back to Bournemouth 10 years ago, and they were using them before then. In fact we have two Wheelie Bins each, one for normal waste (a small wheelie bin) and a larger one for recycling. Normal waste every week, recycling fortnightly.

As Winchman says, do the research and then bombard the coundil.

Regards, Chris
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In addition to the above, and whilst out and about the other day. i was travelling along the Fairmile Road and noticed that some properties had two brown wheelie bins positioned outside. Is this a private firm that people can rent into.

Regards, Chris.

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I used to live in the Purbecks. The council there introduced wheelie bins but then reduced collections to once a fortnight. Wow, did those bins stink in the summer! :-& People didn't seem to realise that you need to clean them every so often. I personally could not have one as my arthritic wrists were too painful to push the large heavy bin and maneouver it out of my bin cupboard. Poole council used to offer smaller bins for the elderly and less abled but Purbeck left me still using bags. They severely restricted how many I was entitled to leave out as well, 2-3 I think it was. Remember, that was 2 weeks rubbish. As a family in a small house with a tiny courtyard garden, composting was impossible so that made it difficult. I still think wheelie bins are the best and most hygenic solution though.
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