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Re: moles

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My gardener swears by Jeys fluid ( I not sure that's the correct SP) but my mole keeps coming back. He just digs more tunnels. I live with it. I'd rather have a mole than perfect grass and the soil mounds are good for topping up flower beds or pots. :)
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Post by Al »

Is there anyone out there who knows how to discourage moles from an area, we are in the unfortunate position of whenever we get rid of one lot another lot appear, is there something out there that moles hate. ll sensible ideas
I'm sorry to say I know nothing about moles or how to get rid of them and I did see that you were after "Sensible Ideas" but this post did bring a smile to my face because it reminded me of that very very funny sketch by "Jasper carrott" called "The Mole" =)) =)) =)) see below >

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But sorry can't help with the Mole :-/


Al B-)
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