Charity Ride to Christchurch

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Charity Ride to Christchurch

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Hi, my name is Iain O'Brien. I am an ex Cricketer from NZ. I played Test cricket, ODI's and T20's for NZ in my career.

I am organising a charity bike ride to finish in Christchurch to raise funds for my Earthquake ridden Christchurch back in NZ. I'm sure you've seen it on the news.

I'm trying to work as much media for this ride.

Is there a local 'rag' in Chch? Who do I get in touch with?

Are any local companies willing to help. Looking for accom in Chch for one night at the end of the ride.

I will be blogging (, twittering (@iainobrien) and speaking to as much media on the trip to get as much exposure as possible for the journey.

Please help out with some contacts etc....

Cycling from London to Chch... via places that share their names with towns and suburbs of the NZ Chch...


Iain O'Brien
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